Node.js Best Practices: Securing Your Applications

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Web application security tips, tricks, and recommendations, customized for apps built on the Node.js runtime. In this webinar, Julián Duque goes over:

  • How to make sure you are using a secure version of Node.js
  • How to keep your third party dependencies up to date
  • How to check for vulnerabilities
  • Show some recommendations on how to properly write secure Node.js web applications


Julián Duque

Solution Architect at NodeSource

Julián Duque is a developer and educator with more than 10 years of software development experience, he has been working full time with Node.js since 2012. He organizes multiple community events in Colombia and Florida like MedellinJS, Suncoast.js, and JSConf Colombia. He loves sharing knowledge and is currently collaborating as an evangelist in the Node.js project teaching programming fundamentals and JavaScript through NodeSchool events in Colombia, Latin America, and USA.

On Demand

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