The fully-compatible Node.js runtime built for mission-critical applications

Within a Node.js application, any long-term synchronous activity blocking the event loop can prevent other incoming requests from reaching the server, potentially causing an entire application to grind to a halt. N|Solid 2.3 is the only commercial product that offers real-time event loop delay alerting, which can immediately identify and expose difficult-to-detect issues.

What's new in N|Solid v2.3?

  • Enhanced process-level metrics. Garbage collection and event loop metrics visualizations are now included on the process detail dashboard.
  • Alerts for the event loop. You can now configure threshold notifications for delays in the event loop. These alerts provide detailed stack trace information, making it easer to identify and remediate issues.
  • More flexible notification settings. Alerts driven CPU, heap, or event loop thresholds can now be sent via webhooks to your preferred external system or platform. Respond to issues faster by sending notifications to your team's Slack channel or to your home-grown monitoring application.

Why choose N|Solid?

The N|Solid runtime is a drop-in replacement for open source Node which offers a rich set of features built to meet the needs of mission-critical production environments. In addition to enhanced security features, N|Solid provides live instrumentation of system health and stability—without any changes to existing application code.

The latest version of the N|Solid runtime also features enhanced process-level metrics and more robust alerting and notifications features, giving you the power to proactively manage your mission-critical Node applications. Uncover potential issues within your Node applications sooner and accelerate issue resolution timelines with unparalleled visibility into application performance and overall system health.

Ready to start using N|Solid v2.3?

What does N|Solid offer?

  • Production Monitoring

    Production threshold and process monitoring for your Node applications provide understanding of application issues.

  • Performance Analysis

    Built-in CPU profiling and heap snapshots allow for instant analysis and swift resolution of application-threatening issues.

  • Platform Security

    Package security monitoring with continuous vulnerability scanning, policy-based rules to configure custom security, and memory-sterilizing zero-fill memory allocation.

  • Enterprise-Grade

    Drop-in runtime replacement for the Node.js LTS includes 24x7 Enterprise-grade support, requires zero code modification and no lock in.

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