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Many organizations running Node.js apps want to send application data to existing systems and infrastructure to analyze and visualize metrics. With the release of N|Solid v2.2, users can now send this data directly to any statsd-compliant system, making it easier than ever to integrate runtime data into existing team workflows.

Systems such as DataDog, Graphite (for on-prem environments), AWS CloudWatch, and Google Stackdriver (for cloud environments) rely on statsd, a popular network daemon, to collect and aggregate metrics sent over UDP. By dispatching metrics to statsd, N|Solid now offers an easy way to deliver a rich variety of Node application metrics directly to your organization's preferred monitoring, aggregation, or reporting platform.


Why choose N|Solid?

The N|Solid runtime is a drop-in replacement for open source Node which offers a rich set of features built to meet the needs of mission-critical production environments. In addition to enhanced security features, N|Solid provides live instrumentation of system health and stability—without any changes to existing application code.

With the release of N|Solid v2.2, teams can now integrate with existing infrastructure and workflows seamlessly with a simple configuration change, while still taking advantage of unique N|Solid features like snapshots, application profiles, and threshold-based alerting.

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Also, NASA thinks we're cool
At NASA, mission-critical code is the rule, not the exception. As we transition from a legacy environment to a modern Node-based architecture, N|Solid, along with the support of NodeSource, is proving invaluable by allowing us to scale rapidly while staying focused on our core mission.
Colin Estes

Colin Estes

Director of Software Engineering
MRI Technologies, NASA

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