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Now with native AppDynamics integration


NodeSource is excited to announce a new collaboration with AppDynamics, a leading application intelligence product. With this integration, users can now access the advanced Node.js metrics that only N|Solid provides, like those pertaining to asynchronous activity and the Node.js event loop, directly from the AppDynamics dashboard.

AppDynamics has supported monitoring of Node.js since 2014; it remains a cornerstone of their unified monitoring offering, which provides visibility into end-to-end transactions to provide a full view of a user’s journey through an application.

nsolid appdynamics integration

When the AppDynamics Node.js agent is installed on a NodeSource N|Solid runtime, it automatically collects additional metrics provided by N|Solid and makes them available in the AppDynamics controller.

How to get started

  1. Complete the form below to start your free trial of N|Solid from NodeSource
  2. Sign up for a free trial of AppDynamics
  3. Check out the quick start guide to get N|Solid up and running
  4. Set up the AppDynamics Node.js Agent to start sending advanced metrics and application data from N|Solid to your AppDynamics dashboard

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What does N|Solid offer?

Integrate with any statsd-compliant system

Systems such as DataDog, Graphite (for on-prem environments), AWS CloudWatch, and Google Stackdriver (for cloud environments) rely on statsd, a popular network daemon, to collect and aggregate metrics sent over UDP. By dispatching metrics to statsd, N|Solid now offers an easy way to deliver a rich variety of Node application metrics directly to your organization's preferred monitoring, aggregation, or reporting platform.


The N|Solid runtime is a drop-in replacement for open source Node which offers a rich set of features built to meet the needs of mission-critical production environments. In addition to enhanced security features, N|Solid provides live instrumentation of system health and stability—without any changes to existing application code.

Teams can integrate with existing infrastructure and workflows seamlessly with a simple configuration change, while still taking advantage of unique N|Solid features like snapshots, application profiles, and threshold-based alerting.

Why choose N|Solid?

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