Node.js and Serverless - an Evolving Space, Gaps and Benefits

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Serverless isn’t just FaaS! Technologies such as KNative, V8 Workers, FaaS at the Edge and serverless in other performance sensitive environments intend to provide choice, portability and flexibility. This is leaving consumers with a series of complex choices for which best-practices haven’t yet been firmly established. The result is a complex space whose security risks, range of applications, scaling and optimization practices remain difficult to navigate.

As a leading provider of Node.js monitoring across both, the on-prem and serverless space, NodeSource has unique insight into how enterprise is thinking about adopting serverless, inhibiting and promoting dynamics, along with established and non-yet-articulated needs surfacing at scale.

In this webinar, Mike provides listeners with an overview of observed market dynamics, NodeSource is seeing across its users, customers and partners.

The discussion intends to evolve around key technologies and market segments whose adoption trajectories are subject to specific constraints. These determine observed adoption patterns, desired flavors, mix with more conventional process based deployment paradigms and the speed at which these technologies will be adopted (or not).


Mike Nedelko

Director Of Product at NodeSource

Mike has been leading the delivery of tech products for start-ups, UN Agencies, educators, and Fortune100 partners for 10+ years. At NodeSource he is focusing on keeping a pulse on the needs of the Node.js developer community, corporate and enterprise customer to deliver a road-map that empowers engineers with a suite of SaaS, serverless and on-prem products that make developing easier, faster and data-driven through performance insights.

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