The Impact of Javascript on the Enterprise

Steven O'Grady

JavaScript is changing the way we deliver software. Redmonk research indicates a consistent increase in JavaScript development for frontend applications and, increasingly, server-side applications. This trend is greatly impacting enterprise companies where the increase is at once a major boon to innovation initiatives that are driving change to embrace new application development trends in data accessibility and availability. App, mobile, bots and more are everywhere. Customers expect the experiences enterprise companies create to be available wherever they are. All of this is not without significant challenges. This represents a sea change in workforce needs and managers are expected to deliver these new capabilities with the quality and reliability that enterprise customers demand.

Stephen O’Grady is a co-founder of RedMonk, the developer focused industry analyst firm, one of ReadWriteWeb’s great “under the radar” consultancies. At RedMonk, he’s worked with vendors such as Dell, IBM, Red Hat and VMware on developer related issues and projects for more than a decade. The author of The New Kingmakers and The Software Paradox, he is regularly cited by the New York Times, NPR, the Boston Globe, and the Wall Street Journal, Stephen is a popular speaker and moderator on the conference circuit.

Stephen’s research focuses on developers and developer infrastructure, from software such as programming languages, operating systems and databases to horizontal industry trends such as open source and cloud computing.

  • JavaScript trends across the industry and important enterprise verticals like media, commerce, and fin serv.
  • In what way is Node.js contributing to the consistent and ongoing growth in JavaScript?
  • What are the factors driving the need to innovate in the enterprise and how does JavaScript fit into that equation?
  • What are the challenges facing widespread enterprise adoption of JavaScript and how to succeed?

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