Cloud Native Development Lifecycle for Node.js and Docker

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The development lifecycle is rapidly evolving. Node.js is the platform of choice for application development and Docker is the environment of choice for deployment. When building MEAN applications, the development lifecycle needs to become cloud native and integrate Docker at every phase.

Jonathan Carter of Microsoft will join us to share the tools and resources to make that workflow effective and easy, from developer tooling to infrastructure to orchestration. Jonathan will walk through the steps of Dockerizing a Node.js application and deploying it directly to Azure, seamlessly integrated with NodeSource N|Solid.

Key topics:

  • Building and Dockerizing Node.js applications
  • Deploying Dockerized applications to the cloud
  • Orchestrating Dockerized applications with Docker Swarm, Kubernetes, or DCOS


Jonathan Carter

Principal Program Manager, Microsoft

Jonathan Carter is a program manager at Microsoft, working on developer tools and services for JavaScript. He has helped build components for Visual Studio, in-browser tools for IE/Edge, an over-the-air distribution platform for React Native, and is now passionate about all things Node.js. On the personal side, he enjoys writing comic books that will never be published and traveling with his family.

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