Building your DevOps for Node.js

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Chetan Desai, Dev Ops Architect at Intuit’s Consumer Tax Group, joins Need to Node to share best practices and lessons learned on Intuit’s two year journey in introducing Node.js to their TurboTax technology stack. He will specifically be focusing on Intuit’s build and deploy principles in hosting Node.js services. Chetan will also share steps in how to build a Node.js service using enterprise best practices, including reliable deployment practices.

  • The intro of Node.js to Intuit’s Turbo Tax tech stack
  • Intuit's build & deploy principles hosting Node.js services
  • How to use enterprise best practices when building a Node.js service


Chetan Desai

Dev Ops Architect, Intuit

Chetan Desai is a DevOps Architect at Intuit. Chetan leads the build & deployment architecture for Intuit’s Consumer Tax Group. The DevOps group enables product teams to focus on delivering awesome features to our customers through reliable build & deployment infrastructure. Chetan loves the thrill of different problems to solve everyday in an environment of changing technologies. He has most recently been focused on Node.js and world-class AWS deployment architectures.

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